Five Key Areas to Set Goals For Your Blog

Goal Setting

When you set out to blog, I’m sure you had visions and dreams of what it would someday look like or what it could someday look like. Whether you want hundreds of thousands of readers, or you just want to share with your family and friends, you need to have a plan. From the second you start blogging, you realize it’s not quite as easy as you thought.

There are so many things to think about. There are links, images, ads, plugins, and social media to name a few. What in the world did you do with your time before you started blogging?

If you want to maintain some peace and a little bit of time for yourself, you’re going to have to have a plan of attack. But how will you accomplish that plan without setting some goals first?

Here are 5 key areas that I use to set my weekly blogging goals. Grab a good ole fashioned pen and paper and let the ideas start flowing.

1. Content.

What content are you wanting to produce? How many times a week do you want to post? Do you want guest posts, book reviews, or link-ups? If you start getting these ideas out of your head and down on to paper {or your computer}, you will get a much clearer vision of how it will look and how much you can accomplish.

Decide, right now, what your posts will be and when they will go live. Write it down.

2. Design.

Take a look at your blog, from a reader’s point of view, and ask yourself if it’s appealing. Is it easy to read? Are there too many pictures? Are there not enough pictures? An easy way to judge is by looking over several blogs that you enjoy. Ask yourself what you like about the blog and how it looks.

Decide, right now, what you are going to do with your design this week and when you will accomplish it by. Write it down.

3. Social Media.

Choose 3 Social Media outlets that you will focus on. How will you engage those readers? How many times a day? Use programs like Hootsuite, Buffer, or Social Oomph to get your posts scheduled to save time.

Decide, right now, what your plan will be and write it down.

4. Advertising

Are you utilizing all of the advertising that you can? Do you have ads placed in the best spot? Do you even have any ads on your site? If you’re looking for ways to monetize your blog, you can read my post here on how I monetize with My Top 5 Affiliate Companies

Decide, right now, how you are going to improve your advertising. Write it down.

5. Education.

Carve out some time in your week to further educate yourself. You can never know too much of a good thing. If you want to remain the go-to blogger in your niche, you are going to have to keep up. You are going to have to continue to gain knowledge and be the expert. This can range from reading other blogs in your niche, books, news articles, or even practicing your craft.

Decide, right now, how you are going to further educate yourself. Write it down.


Doesn’t that feel good? I bet you didn’t even realize how many ideas and goals you had for your blog until you wrote them down! Now stick to it! Reassess your goals every week and make your blog the best it can be.

What are some of your goals for this week?


  • I need to keep this bookmarked and keep coming back to read! I’d like to hear more thoughts on if the money from affiliates is worth it- I have avoided it because I’m not sure that the tradeoff is worth the relatively small amount of money, but want to keep learning more.

    • Hi Anita!
      You’ll have to just give it a go and see how it works for you. It’s definitely something that takes time to start earning anything substantial but as your page views increase, your income will increase. I highly recommend it!

  • hlpatterson

    Such great stuff, Corie! I’ve got my pencil and paper out working on these goals and it’s really helping me to get focused. Some times I loose sight of these and try to do it ALL and ONCE and I feel like I’m just spinning my wheels and at the end of the day, after so many hours dedicated to my blog, I haven’t really gotten anywhere. Thanks so much!

    • I hear ya, Heather! I do the same thing! My most productive weeks are when I actually sit down and do this!

  • Laura Conrad

    Just pinned it! Thanks so much!

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