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Featured Blogger Josh-Hostetler

The Featured Blogger series on Tribe Bloggers is back in full swing. We will be featuring 2 bloggers a week from this point forward.

Our latest blogger is the wonderful, Josh Hostetler!

Josh Hostetler currently lives in Austin, Texas. After four years of teaching First Grade, Josh quit his day job in pursuit of a career in writing. He grew up in a conservative Mennonite church in Sarasota, FL (this is necessary information). When Josh is not writing on AmishHipster.com or JoshHostetler.com, you can find him watching old TLC videos on Youtube or attending concerts for bands you have probably never heard of.

Amish Hipster is a humor blog written through the perspective of Abe Beachy, a fictitious Amishman from Holmes County Ohio. Abe has recently moved from Ohio to Austin, Tx, the promise land of Topo Chicos and PBRs. This blog documents his perspective on life in Austin, Texas, often mixed with a heavy dose of sarcasm. The purpose of Amish Hipster is to make you laugh. The author does not want to demean anyone; he both loves where he lives and where he came from. Ridicule is his love language.

JoshHostetler.com is an avenue for Josh to use his voice. Amish Hipster is a great creative outlet while Josh’s personal blog provides Josh an avenue to express opinions on topics dear to his heart. These topics range from personal narratives, politics, faith, and inspirational. Above all, Josh aims to be authentic and sincere with all his writing, never settling for easy answers.

Be sure to check out both AmishHipster.com and JoshHostetler.com

You can also keep up with Josh on Facebook, twitter, and Instagram.

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