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Featured Blogger Charlie Backer


This week’s Featured Blogger is sure to inspire! I am pleased to introduce you to Charlie Backer.

My motto is to inspire people to reach their dreams, and motivate them to accomplish their goals.

After doing a 30 day challenge to start a company, I realized that following my passion to help people could no longer be a dream, but needed to be a reality.

I write about things that I find motivating and inspiring, in hopes of helping people to overcome hurdles in their life and REACH their dreams. No matter what life may put in your path, there is always away to BE better, Be greater, and Be you. By focusing on the NOW, I’ve learned to actually live. I’m a husband, and a father to two wonderful children, including a new born daughter. My new view is that “when life gets crazy, let your dreams GROW.”

You can check out Charlie’s blog at www.CharlieBacker.com

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