Monetize Your Blog :: My Top 5 Affiliate Companies


When I first started blogging, I didn’t even know you could make money at it. I just wanted to share something I was passionate and help others.  I assumed if I were going to make money online, I would have to have a product to sell. I was so wrong! There are some very simple ways to start earning money without having to “push” anything.

There are many different affiliate companies out there that you can register as a publisher through.  I have worked with several that are reputable and I highly recommend working with.

AmazonAmazon is a great way to earn extra money. It’s also very simple. You can link to any item on Amazon and Amazon is very good at keeping customers on their site. A great example is linking to a favorite book or a camera that you use. Your reader may not purchase exactly what you’ve linked them to but if you can get them to Amazon, let Amazon take care of the rest! Plus, you can get paid in Amazon gift cards if you want 😉

Social Spark / IzeaSocial spark gives you opportunities based on what your passions are. You decide the price you want to be paid and the companies you want to promote. The more offers you fulfill, the more will be given to you. Social Spark is also a part of Izea, which will allow you to place banner ads on your website. I actually like these ads better than Google Adsense.

Escalate Network- Family friendly, brand name affiliate offers for deal bloggers and women oriented publishers. They also have a WordPress plugin you can download once you are approved as a publisher that makes it very easy to promote any of their offers right in the editing of your post.

My Savings Media MySavings Media distinguishes itself from other networks by promoting only legitimate, brand name offers.

Skim Links – This is an easy way to link to anything on the web and make some money without applying to be that company’s affiliate. For example, say you want to talk about how much you love Target, you can link to them and if someone makes a purchase you’ll get a commission. SkimLinks works with thousands of merchants all over the world.

There are many more companies to choose from, but these are a great start. I would stick to just a few to begin with because most have a payout minimum of $50. I personally have had the most success with Amazon, Escalate, and Skimlinks.

What is your favorite company to work with when it comes to advertising on your blog?


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